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Month: August 2004

  • got a new phone! =)

    so.. here’s what happened. sunday: (events after my last post) my mom and dad went malling (who said this thing has nothin to do with adults?). nagpa-facial c mommy.. hehe tapos nagtampo pa kasi di naman na pansin ung changes sa muka nya.. e hello lng naman no.. makinis na yung face nya tps ngaun… Continue reading

  • layout editing mania…

    saturday: (events after my previous post)i searched for tony pics, (to be used in my on-going project, my tony layout.. hehe) and managed to find customizeable layouts in blogskins (i tell you, it’s a great syt!). then went to the rooftop, stargazing… but unfortunately, the stars didn’t brighten up my night coz they look so… Continue reading

  • gluttony…-_-

    guess what. i spent p200 for food!!! majority pa chocolates… gutom na gutom na kasi ako eh… -_-… pero oks lng.. share naman kami ni terai eh.. hehe.. sha pinaglinis ko ng sahig! hahahaha… hmmm… balak ko gumawa ng tony layout… hmmm.. kaya lang pansin ko.. i change layouts so often so dapat malessen yon..… Continue reading

  • LaLaLaLaLa…

    hehehe… masaya na ko ngaun… naibuhos ko na lahat ng kahihiyan ko sa aking previous post!… anyway… di naman big deal eh? sa kabilang banda. maraming salamat at maganda ang mga feedback nyo tungkol sa aking layout… kaso may problema… tanong naman o… naka align ba ng maayos lahat ng tables? kasi dito sa pc… Continue reading


    awhile ago at skul… i saw my ‘old’ crush… don’t bother asking… -_-. she was standing right outside the window.. beside my chair. of course i’m sitting there… i’m far away copying notes from another seat. after copying, i went to my place and contained myself from the outburst of excitement… -.- i went out… Continue reading

  • another series-slash-day of my life

    my new layout keeps me posting several times a day. and i’m left with nothing to say… awhile ago i answered some quizzes, but i deleted it coz some problem occured.. argh. tomorrow is friday, i hope classes will still be suspended. my sister is getting furious about learning a piano piece which was long… Continue reading