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can’t think of an appropriate title… y’know what?… most often that not.. i imagine myself dying… i know that’s bound to happen someday in the near future.. but when i think of it… i resort to only one thing… to pray and get ready.. it’s as if i’ll have to clean myself of sin of all those filthyness i’ve done in the past… but hey… am i being so hysteric and all?

change topic… i changed my friendster name to aDrianne.. hehe.. it’s fun.. people who know you by your real name can’t track you down easily.. haha.. they’ll have to look at connections or other sorts… anyways… good thing i found myself someone to interview.. someone with a ‘courageous heart’… a project for c.l.

that person is a friend of my mom.. whom i considered as a close friend too.. i call her tita.. haha.. before being an insurance agent.. she used to work in hongkong as a DH (domestic helper)… she felt the wrath of travelling alone and being separated from her family that she needs to sustain… i don’t know more of the details coz i haven’t interviewed her… i gave her a handout of my questions and she’ll return it back tomorrow… hehe.. .. i hope i get a high mark at this…

sometimes in class. i feel guilty.. being the leader of the group and not doing all the ‘major stuffs’ … never the less.. i feel like i’m not worthy to be a leader…. although there’s no one capable of volunteering so.. and i’ll have to be fast…

the only relief i get is when only few groups are required  and we’ll have to join other groups… that means.. i’m not going to take the lead… that’s fun… no worries… but then again… when rush turns to panic… i can’t cope up with them… they have their own worlds.. their own original groupmates to talk to.. and i feel left out…

hard… but sacrifices are part of being a junior…


daniel radcliffe… forget about him.. focus on ‘harry potter’… generally… daniel is so pale… i hate him like that… promotion pics sucks… posters are cool… i like him only when he’s harry potter… it suits him best with those spherical spectacles… with make up… with life. not that i’m saying he’s dead without the role of hp but… spot the difference dear.. i’m not more of an appreciative person… especially when it comes to forcing myself to like the ‘real’ person.

neway… tony sun is more like it!!! in every series i see him.. he’s still the same… never changing.. ever handsome bully of westside street… the place where i truly belong other than GMA… the west… west fairview aka… westside street!

i miss him! i wish i could watch 100% senorita!!! damn GMA!!! (did i just swear the ch. where i belong?)… why won’t they give it a reasonable timeslot!!! grrr… just like this… make stage one live on 5 pm and 100% senorita on 530!!! that’ll be better… -_-

wallace huo’s song “somebody”… i think i’m starting to like it… joe’s so cute!!! mas bagay cla ni jason!! penny is more mature… she should be paired up with wallace.. hihi..