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Month: July 2004

  • can’t think of an appropriate title… y’know what?… most often that not.. i imagine myself dying… i know that’s bound to happen someday in the near future.. but when i think of it… i resort to only one thing… to pray and get ready.. it’s as if i’ll have to clean myself of sin of… Continue reading

  • no classes! hallelujaaa!

    there’ll be no classes on monday! yahooo! that means more rest for me… haay.. okie.. di na ko mashado asar kay ‘***’… -_-…. ui… today is JULY 23!!! bday ni daniel radcliffe!!! ang sayaaaa!! yey! happy bday to you hapy bday to you hapy bday hapy bday hapy bday to youuu!!! ^___^ un lng nman..… Continue reading

  • one helluva good day!

    praise GOD for relieving my stomach ache!!! sobrang ayoko pumasok kahapon.. but then i thought i’ll be missing a lot if i do.. so.. chaka my quiz sa chem noh! na sobrang sure ako na zero ako don! and ryt… i got a failing grade… sguro sa tingin mo madaling gumawa ng ionic compunds pero… Continue reading

  • sigh

    whew… ello… mali pla ako.. i checked my notes.. i’m not an ‘ extrovert’… i’m an ‘introvert’!!! ^_^   wokie.. case cleared… next topic:   If melodia is my net counter-part and she-who-must-be-named-after-some-time-of-hard-thinking is my lonely ego… and arianne holds the two of them together… then……   Adrian is my male counterpart!!! yipeee!!! haha.. newy… Continue reading

  • can't get a free time…

    hello me!!! of course.. cno pa bng babatiin ko!!! heheh… melodia {my net ego): oi arianne.. how’re you feeling? fine? make sure you do.. coz i have a great news for you! and i’m sure you won’t want to miss this too! you know harry potter 2? oh yeah of course that’s not soo new…… Continue reading